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According to statistics, 26 million of 153 million individual taxpayers disagree with the amount they owe to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or agree with it but simply cannot pay the full amount. Of the 26 million, about half owe the IRS $20,000 or more, with interests and penalties growing continuously until the full amount is paid. Many professionals find themselves owing money to the IRS, which often results in anxiety and pressure that prevents them from taking any action at all, leading to even more aggressive collection efforts. A Nashville Enrolled Agent at Tax Resolution Services strives to offer taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small business owners a clear understanding of their tax problem and implement effective solutions to help them solve it.

Every Enrolled Agent at Tax Resolution Services has extensive experience in dealing with tax problems, having helped hundreds of customers find the much-needed tax debt relief. Our tax professionals understand that every taxpayer’s needs are different, working with the client to devise custom, intelligent resolutions, and structuring plans that put a stop on garnishments or levies. Since many are former IRS Enrolled Agents in Nashville, our experts have the resources, experience, and ability to find personalized solutions crafted to fit your unique situation.

Nashville’s Best Tax Relief Experts

Tax Resolution Services Enrolled Agents have one purpose: to secure you the best possible deal from the IRS. When you call our experts, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the professional assistance you deserve. While a Nashville CPA agent or tax attorney in Nashville may be able to assist you with your tax problems, they do not typically have the breadth of experience, resources, or expertise we have here at Tax Resolution Services. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, and as such, we provide customized plans that allow our customers to meet their obligations while living a comfortable, worry-free life.

Client-Tailored Solutions that Work

At Tax Resolution Services, we always attend to a client’s individual needs. Unlike some tax debt relief companies, we know that the same solution is not going to work in every situation. Many clients are left with hefty bills, but no solution for their tax problems after calling in the so-called experts. Our Nashville Enrolled Agents are dedicated to serving the client’s interests first, providing personal review of your tax problems and creating a custom plan that will reduce or completely eliminate the tax debt. From back taxes to unfiled tax returns, the professionals at Tax Resolution Services have seen it all and can help clients no matter the issues they are faced with.

Some examples of tax debt strategies we offer include:

  • Installment payment plans and partial pay installments
  • Delinquent tax returns
  • Assistance with back taxes and unfiled tax returns
  • Offers in compromise
  • Filing for bankruptcy to discharge IRS tax debt
  • Payroll tax problems

Putting a Stop to IRS’s Aggressive Debt Collection Tactics

We take pride in our success track record, and we are confident that our expertise and intimate knowledge of how the tax system works will allow us to always find workable solutions for people who need them. We carry over 30 years of experience as Nashville’s best tax debt relief agency, and have successfully helped hundreds of clients.

With our regional office in Nashville, we’re well positioned to help residents in Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hendersonville, Smyrna, and the entire Nashville metropolitan area. Don’t wait. Complete our Free Consultation Request form or call 1.800.270.8616 to speak with a tax debt professional.

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Our firm has built a reputation as a strong, reliable resource for people with tough IRS tax problems. We can address most IRS tax problems that a CPA or Tax Attorney might address – plus we have first-hand experience with many of our Enrolled Agents having previously worked for the IRS. We know the system!

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