Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be difficult enough under normal circumstances. It is even more intimidating when you owe several thousand dollars (or more) of unpaid taxes and penalties that you cannot afford to pay. Since most taxpayers don’t have the appropriate knowledge to negotiate a reasonable repayment plan, they end up giving into the pressure to pay more than they can actually afford. Others realize they are in over their head and hire a tax attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to represent them to the IRS. While this may be better than going at it alone, working with an Enrolled Agent is often the ideal option.

Instead of contacting the IRS on your own behalf and facing this alone, take advantage of our agency’s insider experience. Most of our employees previously worked as IRS agents and hiring Tax Resolution Services to work on your behalf unlocks our unbeatable firsthand knowledge. We understand how the system works from the inside. Let an Enrolled Agents work toward an agreement that satisfies the government and allows you to get on with your life, debt-free.

What Is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent at Tax Resolution Services is someone who was a former IRS Revenue Officer and has taken specialized training and passed the required exams to represent the interests of individual and business taxpayers to the IRS. This means our focus is purely on these topics, and not on a variety of legal or accounting issues, like a tax attorney or CPA. The majority of our Enrolled Agents also have direct working knowledge of the IRS and have worked with the IRS. This gives them the advantage of understanding the perspective of both sides. They know how to negotiate with the IRS to reach a settlement or debt repayment solution that it is most likely to accept.

How We Differ from Other Types of IRS Representation

When considering whom to hire to represent you, keep in mind we are former federal agents and have worked as IRS Revenue Officers. It’s our experience, not just the degree or credential that matters. You must also consider the experience. Both CPAs and tax attorneys have the skills to assist you with complicated tax situations, but they lack the direct experience with the IRS that most of our Enrolled Agents already possess. Another thing to consider is that the loyalties of a CPA or tax attorney may be divided. They may push bankruptcy or another solution that isn’t right for your situation. We have a single focus at Tax Resolution Services, and that is to find the most workable solution to the unique tax debt problems of each of our clients.

While a CPA or a tax attorney has the ability to address criminal tax debt situations, such as fraud and evasion, this is something our organization avoids. Since we come from a background of working for the IRS, everything we do is towards compliance. We leave the criminal cases to others and focus instead on pursuing legal options to settle tax debt. By not having to juggle multiple roles simultaneously, we can solve your problem sooner and with greater expertise and success than other types of professionals who offer assistance with tax relief.

Looking for a Charlotte Tax Attorney or CPA?

With our headquarters in Charlotte, NC, many customers choose to hire our firm after first seeking out a Charlotte tax attorney or Charlotte CPA firm. Our team of Enrolled Agents focus ENTIRELY on resolving tax problems for our clients, so in many cases we’re able to do most things a Charlotte tax attorney or CPA might do but often quicker and/or more efficiently.

Hiring Tax Resolution Services Demonstrates Your Initiative to the IRS

You’re already one step ahead when you approach the IRS to resolve your tax debt issue by having hired an Enrolled Agent from our company to represent you. The IRS views you as someone who took an initiative to resolve outstanding debt instead of avoiding it and forcing them into aggressive collection efforts. Since this saves the IRS time and money, it is likely to be more willing to negotiate your repayment.

The majority of people we work with did not get into a tough spot with the IRS on purpose. Perhaps you were self-employed and didn’t understand how much you needed to remit for payroll taxes or quarterly estimates. You may have had a medical emergency that forced you to have as little as possible deducted from your paycheck just to make ends meet. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help and not to judge. Please contact us for a free case evaluation to see what a difference it can make to have a Tax Resolution Services Enrolled Agent on your side.