Our Hard Work Reducing Tax Debt

We focus on resolving Internal Revenue Service Collection problems for you and your business. This means protecting your home, business, wages, bank accounts and personal assets from involuntary seizure by the IRS. The following are ACTUAL CASES that we have provided resolutions to, which include Offer In Compromise, Custom Tax Reduction, Negotiated Monthly Payments, Bankruptcy, IRS Levy and more.

A $1,031,746 Reduction

That’s right, this businessman owed the IRS $1,049,254. He had a very successful business that had fallen on some hard times. The IRS was actively pursuing this businessman to collect the tax debt. First my team implemented a plan to get control of the IRS collection activity and stop any further harmful action. The next step was to implement a strategy that resulted in a settlement with the IRS for $17,508, a $1,031,746 reduction ($1,049,254 – $17,508) for this businessman. I think he sleeps better at night now.

Offer in Compromise

Taxpayer Received a Wage Levy

This corporate executive owed the IRS approximately $110,000. The IRS had garnished her paycheck and had taken $7,000 of her $8,500 salary for one month. Needless to say, this left her extremely distraught. My team formulated and implemented a plan that caused the wage garnishment to be released by the IRS and negotiated an installment agreement of $1,000 per month for this corporate executive.

IRS Levy

A $572,000 Reduction

An architectural and engineering company owed approximately $1,022,000 in delinquent employment taxes (Form 940/941). My team immediately implemented a strategy to control the IRS collection action and formulated a plan and strategy that reduced this large tax liability to approximately $450,000, still a lot of money, but a huge saving for this company’s owner. The company avoided being devastated by this overwhelming tax liability and it continues to serve its customers today.

Customized Tax Reduction

Daycare Center Tax Help

An IRS Revenue Officer was threatening to shut down a Daycare Center because of delinquent employment taxes (Form 940/941). The owners were confident that they could work their way out of this tax deficiency by paying the delinquent taxes if the IRS would cooperate with them. They needed a plan that would allow them time to pay and they needed the IRS payments to be minimal so they could confidently make these payments each month while not getting any further behind with current taxes. My team accomplished this client’s goals with a strategy that was put into place while avoiding any harmful collection action (levis, etc.) by the IRS.

Customized Tax Reduction

A $103,000 Reduction

A couple had been struggling with the IRS for more than 15 years. This husband and wife owed the IRS approximately $120,000. My team immediately gained control of the IRS Collection Agency, stopped the IRS levies and settled with the IRS for a total of $17,000.

Offer in Compromise

A $87,900 Reduction

A businesswoman owned an Office Building Cleaning Service. She owed the IRS employment taxes (Form 940/941) of approximately $90,000. The IRS Revenue Officer was actively pursuing this businesswoman and demanding payment. My team implemented a plan that stopped the collection action by the Revenue Officer and later settled this case with the IRS receiving $2,100.

Offer in Compromise

A $241,000 Reduction

A physician in Atlanta, GA had an employment tax (Form 940/941) delinquency. His medical practice had gotten behind with making their payroll tax deposits and owed approximately $261,000 to the IRS. My team implemented a plan to control the IRS collection action, and to allow the physician to pay the IRS a total of $19,217 to solve this tax delinquency.

Customized Tax Reduction

Medical Practice Tax Help

A dentist had gotten behind with his employment taxes (Form 940/941) and owed the IRS approximately $50,000. The Revenue Officer was threatening to confiscate money from the dentist’s business bank accounts by levying the accounts or wanted the business to pay $5,000 per month. After working with both the dentist and the Revenue Officer, a plan was presented and accepted to allow the dentist to pay $500 per month. Because my team was able to control the IRS and stop the potentially harmful collection action, this dental practice avoided bankruptcy. The IRS accepted the $500 per month payment plan.

Customized Tax Reduction

A $57,350 Reduction

This small business owner owed the IRS approximately $60,000. A Revenue Officer was demanding high payments and threatening to levy his bank accounts. My team stopped the IRS collection action that the Revenue Officer was pursuing and settled the case with the IRS for $2,650, a $57,350 reduction.

Offer in Compromise

Bankruptcy Case

In pursuing an Offer in Compromise for a Stock Broker, the IRS was skeptical of this taxpayer’s earning potential and wanted more than $110,000 to settle a $150,000 tax liability. This was more than the Stock Broker could pay. My team determined that this tax debt could be eliminated by filing bankruptcy. Even though the Stock Broker still had to pay the IRS $5,500, this ended up being a significant reduction for the client. In this case, this was a much better choice than the Offer in Compromise that we were originally pursuing.


A $2,100,000 Reduction

A trucking company owed the IRS approximately $2,800,000 in delinquent employment (Form 940/941) taxes. My team formulated a plan and strategy that permitted the trucking company to survive this tax crisis and reduced the indebtedness to approximately $700,000. This trucking company continues to serve its customers today and has been able to to keep its full team of approximately 300 employees intact.

Customized Tax Reduction

Car Salesman Tax Help

A car salesman was receiving threatening letters from the IRS. They were planning to levy his paycheck and bank accounts. He had direct conversations with the IRS trying to set up payments and avoid the haramful collection actions that were being threatened by the IRS. The IRS was demanding large payments and the car salesman was afraid to commit to something that he could not do. My team got involved and represented the Car Salesman. IRS accepted a plan that called for NO Payments to be made at this time. My team avoided the levies and avoided the high payments that the IRS wanted and that the Car Salesman could not afford.

Customized Tax Reduction

A $74,600 Reduction

A heating and cooling company had an employment tax liability (Forms 940/941) of approximately $80,000. The IRS was actively pursuing collection of these delinquent taxes. This company was owned by an uncle and a nephew. The IRS was chasing both owners individually for these delinquent payroll taxes. My team implemented a plan that provided control of the IRS collection action (no more levies and garnishments) and allowed this uncle and nephew to settle with the IRS. When the case was completed a total of $5,400 was paid to the IRS. Part of the $5,400 was paid by each of the owners.

Offer in Compromise

A $286,400 Reduction

A client owed the IRS approximately $300,000. He had a long history of many problems with the IRS. We implemented a plan for this client with the IRS that changed his life. My team helped him get current with the required filings and negotiated a settlement with the IRS for $13,600. Needless to say, he leads a less stressful life today because his IRS Problems are behind him.

Offer in Compromise

Electrician’s Business Levied

This company’s checking accounts had been levied by an IRS Revenue Officer. The business owed employment taxes (Form 940/941) of approximately $105,000. The company was considering filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of the harsh collection actions. This situation was extremely urgent because the company’s cash had been seized by the IRS. My team formulated and presented a plan to the Revenue Officer that stopped all Levy actions. Ultimately, my team presented a plan to the Revenue Officer that reduced the company’s tax liability from $105,000 to approximately $45,000 and avoided bankruptcy. A desperate situation turned into a $60,000 reduction in the amount owed to the IRS for this company owner!

IRS Levy


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