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    A Few of Our Success Stories

    $1.2 Million Reduction
    Trucking Company
    A trucking company owed the IRS approximately $2,800,000 in delinquent employment (Form 940/941) taxes. Yarborough formulated a plan and strategy that permitted the trucking company to survive this tax crisis and reduced the indebtedness to approximately $700,000. This trucking company continues to serve its customers today and has been able to to keep its full team of approximately 300 employees intact.

    $74,600 Reduction
    Heating & Cooling Company
    They had a tax liability (Forms 940/941) of approximately $80,000. The IRS was actively pursuing collection of these delinquent taxes. This company was owned by an uncle and a nephew. The IRS was chasing both owners individually for these delinquent payroll taxes. Yarborough implemented a plan that provided control of the IRS collection action (no more levies and garnishments) and allowed the uncle and nephew to settle with the IRS. When the case was completed a total of $5,400 was paid to the IRS.

    $286,400 Reduction
    Individual IRS Debt
    A client owed the IRS approximately $300,000. He had a long history of many problems with the IRS. We implemented a plan for this client with the IRS that changed his life. My team helped him get current with the required filings and negotiated a settlement with the IRS for $13,600.