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No two IRS problems are exactly alike

Careful identification of your goals and financial capability is part of the process of discovering exactly what is needed. Your goals and financial capability must be synchronized with the IRS requirements. As an Enrolled Agent, our goal is to provide the most benefits and best service possible for you in the process of solving your IRS problem.

The following are common problems & solutions that we typically work with:

Payroll Tax Issues
Back Taxes
IRS Liens
IRS Levies
Wage Garnishments
Property Seizures
Unfiled Tax Returns
Installment Agreements
Offer in Compromise
IRS Fresh Start Initiative
Debt Settlements
Penalty Abatements
Innocent Spouse Relief


Steps & Expectations


Step 2: If we think we can help, we will offer a free consultation.

There is nothing more effective than a personal review of your tax problem by an experienced tax professional. And no one is more capable of resolving your IRS Problem than one who is experienced in these matters.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and now Gerald's son David has joined the practice. David, who is also a former IRS agent, has joined in protecting our clients from the powerful hand of the IRS as a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA).

We work to get tax problems behind our clients, so they can live a life free from IRS worries and pressure and get on with what really matters - living and working!

What We Do

  • Identify the Problem
  • Create a Strategy
  • Buy time to hold off any Foreclosures or Repossessions
  • Settle the IRS claim to come up with a plan that makes everyone happy!