David’s Take

Approximately 20% of these cases are actually being approved and accepted and people are settling their tax problems. Now, what this needs to tell you is that a lot of these companies that are promising these big reductions in these tax cases, they are not able to bring that service to fruition. They are selling something to a tax payer who, in many cases, doesn’t qualify for that service. Very rarely will we ever go that direction without doing due diligence and fully understanding what our client qualifies for, what the settlement numbers are, how well they fit the formulas and the criteria, to make sure we are confident in that case and that it’s a good fit for our client. So I would be skeptical and beware of somebody in an initial phone call or in one meeting that is promising these types of results for this type of case.

Gerald’s Take

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is; stay away from these companies. The simple truth is that there’s a significant chance that they’ll take your hard-earned money and not deliver what you’re hoping for. Do your research. Google them. Add the word “complaint” or “scam” or “lawsuits” after their name and see what you get.