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Although it seems like a never-ending bad dream, owing thousands of dollars to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a reality for some people in Wilmington, North Carolina. Individuals and business owners who never expected to find themselves in this situation may feel confused about their options and hopeless about the future. People often make honest mistakes and are shocked to get a letter from the IRS demanding more back taxes than they can possibly pay. Others may forget to file a return and find themselves on the hook for unfiled tax returns. Regardless of how the situation occurred or how much the taxpayer owes, a Wilmington Enrolled Agent from Yarborough Professional IRS Debt Solutions can help.

Why Working with an Enrolled Agent is the Best Choice

People who owe delinquent taxes have several options when it comes to hiring professional representation, including a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a tax attorney in Wilmington. However, working with people experiencing tax problems is just one of several job functions of both of these professions. Because many of the Enrolled Agents at Yarborough are also former IRS agents, their entire focus is on finding tax debt relief solutions that work for each individual client. Having first-hand knowledge of how the IRS operates means that each Enrolled Agent in Wilmington understands how to come up with an agreement that the IRS will approve.

Real Solutions for Stressful Tax Problems

Part of the problem of working with a Wilmington CPA is that he or she does not have the breadth of knowledge to find the ideal solution for the client. The proposal may be good for the IRS, but it leaves the taxpayer with little income to live on each month. At Yarborough, we understand that people still have other bills to pay even though they owe the IRS money. Depending on the client’s specific tax debt problem, we may propose one or more of the following:

  • A counter argument, also called an Offer in Compromise, in which the taxpayer settles the debt for less than what he or she owes
  • Stopping collection activity, including calls, letters, frozen assets, tax levies, and wage garnishments
  • Negotiating an affordable monthly payment on the client’s behalf
  • Advising clients on filing bankruptcy if necessary and helping them navigate IRS dealings afterwards

Experienced Enrolled Agents Available Now

Yarborough Professional Tax Debt Solutions has represented individuals and business taxpayers for more than three decades. We encourage anyone who is struggling with a large tax burden to Complete our Consultation Request Form or call 1.800.270.8616 for a Free Consultation. With our regional office in Wilmington, we’re well positioned to help residents in Topsail, Wrightsville Beach, Holden Beach, and the entire Wilmington metropolitan area.