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Why can’t I settle with the IRS like the examples I see on TV?

David's Take:

What we’re looking for when we bring a prospective client onboard is to be aggressive and look at all the alternatives that would be available to that taxpayer to resolve their IRS debt issues. They range from installment agreements to many different types of reduction opportunities. So the answer is, you may very well be a good candidate to settle and resolve your tax liability and get some type of reduction or relief, but we have to make enough progress in that case to know whether that’s a good fit for you. We just are not going to take you down that road unless we are confident in that case, and confident in the numbers, and it’s a case that you’re interested in, and happy with the settlement. 

Gerald's Take:

The examples on TV make it sound like everyone is entitled to the same thing. The simple truth is that not everything qualifies for these programs. You may or may not qualify. The key is to find the best solution that you do qualify for.


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