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What can be done to stop the IRS from levying my bank accounts, garnishing my wages, or seizing my assets?

David's Take:

It is top priority for us to make sure that we manage any type of enforcement action for our clients. We are very proactive in our communications with the service and always trying to put our clients in the best position possible to effectively manage their IRS debt case. This is where the opportunities arise from. This is where we are able to see what options they would have available to them, and if there are reduction opportunities, it’s coming from this angle of constantly communicating, constantly looking for the best position to approach these problems, and making sure that we get the best solution out there that’s available for our clients. 

Gerald's Take:

The key here is communication and following through by providing the information to the IRS that validates your best program to resolve the tax debt. While you’re controlling this area, you want to be sure you’re working toward the ideal solution for you.


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