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Enrolled Agents in Norfolk, Virginia

Working as an independent contractor has numerous advantages, except when it comes to filing and paying self-employment taxes. People who work for themselves can make honest mistakes and end up owing back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) due to underpayment of taxes. Others may not understand how to calculate and pay their taxes, so they end up avoiding it. Unfiled tax returns can get individuals and small business owners in serious trouble with the IRS. Regardless of how a client found themselves in need of tax debt relief, Yarborough Professional Tax Debt Solutions can help.

The Yarborough Difference

Many people who owe the IRS more than they can pay go to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a tax attorney for help. The problem with this approach is that a CPA or tax attorney in Norfolk tends to focus on single, standardized solutions rather than customizing their approach to the client’s needs. At Yarborough, we employ Enrolled Agents in Norfolk with a wide range of financial experience. Many members of our staff are former IRS agents who draw on their vast tax knowledge to help people overwhelmed with tax debt find real solutions. Every Enrolled Agent takes the time to review the client’s tax situation before suggesting possible solutions to solve it.

How a Norfolk Enrolled Agent Can Help Struggling Taxpayers

Few things in life are as stressful as receiving an Intent to Levy or a Wage Garnishment notice from the IRS. This is something our Enrolled Agents understand in a way that a Norfolk CPA never could. With many of our Enrolled Agents having direct experience working for the IRS, they can propose unique solutions that may not be common knowledge. Our staff is squarely on the side of the taxpayer who is living a nightmare due to an honest mistake or oversight. Some of the deals we may be able to arrange with the IRS include:

  • Stopping a levy or wage garnishment by making alternative payment arrangements
  • Establishing an affordable monthly payment plan
  • Negotiating a reduced lump sum payment
  • Eliminating penalties for underpayment or failure to file a tax return
  • Eliminating the tax debt altogether in certain specific situations

Experience Matters When It Comes to Dealing with the IRS

As an individual taxpayer, it’s easy to feel intimidated by an organization as powerful as the IRS. Not understanding your rights can put you in situation of being bullied into an arrangement that doesn’t serve your best interests. A Norfolk Enrolled Agent from Yarborough Professional Tax Debt Solutions has the advantage of understanding the many options available and having the experience to propose a reasonable payment plan.

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