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Is it important that my IRS Tax Problem Representative is a former IRS agent?

David's Take:

This is a good question. There’s no magic in what we do. Our business is just like anyone else’s business. We are former federal agents, former revenue officers. We had the badge, had many years of working cases and chasing tax payers to collect delinquent debts. So it’s a matter of having someone on your side who know the ropes and knows the system and knows what IRS needs to go through in order to work your case. So it’s an opportunity to work with someone to put yourself in the best position you can be in to address these problems. 

Gerald's Take:

Absolutely, yes. The IRS intimidates the unknowledgeable taxpayer and the unknowledgeable representative. You know your comfort level in your profession; you have what we call “street smarts”. Experience with the IRS has given us the same level of ability in our niche of resolving IRS debts. 


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