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Are the commercials true?

Read Transcription: Are these tax reduction TV advertisements true?


Why can't I settle?

Read Transcription: Why can’t I settle with the IRS – like these examples I see on TV?


Can levying and garnishing be stopped?

Read Transcription: What can be done to stop the IRS from levying my bank accounts, garnishing my wages, or seizing my assets?


IRS has already taken action - what now?

Read Transcription: The IRS has already garnished wages, and levied bank accounts – can you stop these actions?


Why do I need representation?

Read Transcription: Why do I need professional representation with my IRS debt problem?


Can the Yarborough Office help me?

Read Transcription: What do I need to do to see if the Yarborough Office can help with my IRS problems?


Can my representative live in another state?

Read Transcription: Does it matter that my IRS Tax Representative lives in another state?


Is it important that you are former IRS agents?

Read Transcription: Why is it important that my representative is a former IRS agent?


What if you can’t help me?

Read Transcription: What do you mean when you say, “I’ll tell you if I can’t help you”?


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